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Gum Disease Treatment

Preventing Gum Disease

Most patients seek a Periodontist on the referral of their general dentist. Together, we will create a plan to combat infection in your gums and help restore your teeth to health. At University Periodontal Associates, our team led by Dr. Dennison, can help you save your teeth, rebuild your gum tissue and set a course to maintain the health of your periodontal tissue.

What to Expect at your Periodontal Appointment

The reasons for your being referred to a periodontist will differ with each patient. The first appointment will be to gather information, both of your whole medical well being and of the specific periodontal issue.

Medical History

It is important to inform our office of any medical problems, even if they seem irrelevant to you, as surprisingly many diseases can be linked to your mouth and gums. We will also need a list of any medications, including oral contraceptives or antihypertensive medications, as some may have effects on your teeth and gums, or alter our course of treatment.

Periodontal Examination

Even if an evaluation has been done by your family dentist, Dr. Dennison will perform a complete examination. At your initial visit, we will learn more about each other, answer any questions, determine what treatment is needed, and discuss what your options are.

During your examination, Dr. Dennison will evaluate your:
•  entire head, including your neck, bite and jaw joints
•  the oral cavity and throat
•  the health of your teeth and gums
•  evidence of infection
•  progression of infection

Using x-rays, Dr. Dennison will evaluate your entire mouth, including every tooth, the jaw, and your entire oral structure.

Based on this examination, Dr. Dennison can now create a customized treatment plan. We encourage our patients to ask questions, we want to make sure our plan is clear.

As with any doctor, smokers will be advised to quit smoking. What many may not understand is that smoking increases your risk of periodontal disease, and what’s more, it will worsen the disease if you already have it leading to much faster tooth loss and bone loss. Additionally, smoking can slow down the healing process, which is why quitting is very important if gum surgery is needed.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Treatment Plan

Treatment plans are based on your need. This may include:
•  Removing the present infection found in plaque or calculus through Scaling and Root Planing. Scaling is the process of removing infection below the gum line. Our hygienist will use a system that blasts oxygenated bubbles into your gum pockets to remove debris and bacteria. Following this treatment, she will then take a hand scaler tool and manually check to ensure that every bit of infected material is removed. With the source of the infection removed, we will then smooth the roots in a process calling Root Planing. By smoothing the roots, we are creating a surface that is more difficult for bacteria to attach to, helping you avoid more issues in the future.
•  Prescribe an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Some patients require a prescription following their Scaling and Root Planing procedure. This will be done under the direction of Dr. Dennison.
•  Gum surgery is needed when the gum tissue has been severely damaged. Dr. Dennison is able to surgically rebuild the lost tissue, helping you strengthen your teeth.

Appointments with Dr. Dennison will vary on the severity of the problem and the amount of work that is needed. All patients will be advised on the best way to care for their gums at home between visits. It requires the work of both the patient and our office to restore your gums to health.

For more information on Periodontal Treatment or how we can help, contact David Dennison, DDS at our Houston, TX 77098 office. (832) 975-0990
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