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Dental Technology

Dental Technologies used in our Office

At University Periodontal Associates we strongly believe in utilizing technology as a tool to aid us in balancing the relationship between high quality results and a low cost to our patients.

With the advent of tools that speed up procedures and help us to become more accurate interfacing with your mouth, such as digital x-rays, we are able to save time and reduce the cost of our procedures.

Using Technology to Perfect Dental Procedures

We are now able to harness the power and precision of a piece of software called Nobel Clinician to perfect every procedure we execute. Nobel Clinician helps us starting with the planning phase of your procedure all the way through to the final placement and finishing steps.

Intra Oral Camera

When looking at a routine but complicated procedure, like dental implant placement, we plan the entire procedure out ahead of time. We utilize the software to help in making certain that the placement of the post (implant) is perfect in order to maximize the success rate of the implant.

This kind of precision allows us to offer you a vastly superior end result that is going to have a high chance of lasting a long time within your mouth.

We can even use this software to take scans of the tooth needing to be replaced and create a perfect 3D digital image of your tooth which we can use to create an exact replica of it. When your tooth is replaced with an exact replica of itself a lot of great things are accomplished. Your bite doesn't change and you avoid the biggest issues that can face patients who require tooth replacement.

Dental Laser Technology

Dental Laser Technology

One of the issues that we have the most passion about is our commitment to our patients health. Using scientifically proven methods of treatment to ensure that we minimize your risk and maximize your dental health results. This means abstaining from practices and dental technologies that have yet to be run through the gamut of scientific testing and approval.

If we aren't certain that something will be better for your long term health, we will refrain from using it on you during your procedure. Dental lasers are one of the technologies for which the jury is still out in the scientific community.

Currently, we believe that the tried and true methods of dental prevention and restoration will provide you with more substantial benefit than what dental lasers can offer. When the scientific community starts to publish substantial results on the long term effectiveness of dental lasers we will take that data and re-evaluate our position on them according to the results.

You can rest assured that we hold your safety and well-being at heart when you come to see us. We refuse to use untested products or technology on our patients, especially when we don't feel it will provide any substantial benefit over an existing method or treatment.

Please contact us at (832) 975-0990 to schedule an appointment or with questions you have about our use of dental technology. We look forward to seeing you smile!
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