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X-Guide 3D Dental Implant Placement
Houston, TX

Composite image of X-guide dynamic 3D navigation for dental implant placement at University Periodontal Associates.Here at University Periodontal Associates, Dr. Dennison and our team work hard to help ensure patients have the best experience possible at our clinic. Often this involves investing in modern, yet tested and reliable dental technology for the best possible results. One such technology currently advancing that we are excited to talk to you about is X-Guide technology.

What is X-Guide Technology?

X-Guide is the latest technology for effective dental implant surgery. X-Guide is a computer system that revolutionizes how we go about our preparation and process for placing an implant. Often compared to a GPS, the X-Guide acts as a translation from information from CT scans to a patient’s mouth. Overall, it is a tremendous aid in our ability to successfully perform the surgery.

X-Guide and Dental Restorations

Whether tooth damage from an accident or decay leading to tooth extraction, it is not uncommon for someone to need a dental implant, dental bridge, or dental crown. Dental implants are particularly beneficial as a replacement for traditional dentures. Dental implants are surgically placed. They are permanent and do not come out, unlike dentures. Permanent implantation means the replacement tooth is much more comfortable and convenient. For the added benefits of dental benefits, many patients are choosing implants over dentures.

Example of 3D X-guide dynamic 3D rendering at University Periodontal Associates.All-on-4 implants are a newer, more effective form of dental implants becoming increasingly popular. All-on-4 implants use only four implants rather than the traditional six to eight per arch. Placed on an angle, they better utilize natural support of the jawbone. Therefore, with the All-on-4 implants, many patients will not require a bone graft.

Whether traditional implants or All-on-4, dental implants are now the best way to solve missing teeth issues. However, although there are many ways dental implants are more effective, they are not as simple as getting fitted with dentures. Dental implants require absolute precision in surgery, and X-Guide is a successful invention assisting in the dental implant placement process.

The X-Guide 3D Navigation Process

The first step for using X-Guide is putting an X-clip inside the patient's mouth. The X-clip takes a 3D scan of the area needing surgery. This 3D scan does a virtual surgery, mapping out the process for the actual surgery. The plan for surgery is sent to the X-Guide unit. From there, we have all we need to follow through and place the implant with perfect precision and accuracy.

X-Guide Technology Benefits

Due to a new level of accuracy, dental implants are much safer with an X-Guide. With the X-Guide, there is no guessing when it comes to depth and angle in the implant placement. There is less risk of injury, therefore the surgery will be overall much more comfortable. An X-Guide makes dental implants less invasive and faster. Without X-Guide, an accurate implant takes much more time to plan. With the X-Guide, plans are quicker and closer to perfection.

Before X-Guide technology, cone-beam 3D imaging was the only way to develop a plan for implant surgery. While the X-Guide still uses cone-beam technology, it also improves upon this technology, making the entire procedure much sharper in precision.

At University Periodontal Associates, we are proud to use X-Guide, knowing it helps ensure more successful procedures, patient comfort, and overall excellent results. If you would like to know more about X-Guide, please call us at (832) 975-0990 today.
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X-Guide Technology • University Periodontal Associates - Houston, TX
The X-Guide shows us the exact angle, depth, and placement of every action we take in your mouth in real time, improving the dental implant process. Call for an appointment today!
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