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Are My Gums Cleaned When I Go See The Dentist?

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentIt is essential for each dental visit that we obtain both a superficial and deep cleaning, comprehensive and done by a professional. During your appointment with us, we will be careful to follow a protocol which includes the adequate cleaning of your gums. This will remove any bacterial plaque and accumulated tartar along your gumline.

Basic Dental Cleaning

A basic dental cleaning is recommended every six months, but this will depend on the risk factors you have and the general condition of your teeth. Some of the risk factors are inadequate oral hygiene, tobacco use, and poor nutrition. In a basic dental cleaning, our professionals will determine the prevalence of bacterial plaque and tartar and the general condition of your gums.

With a tooth scraper, the edges of the teeth will be cleaned, including the accumulated tartar on the edge of the gums. Your teeth will be polished. This is a quick and comfortable procedure. Regardless of the standard protocol for a dental visit, you should note that the gums will always be cleaned.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

If you have not had a basic dental cleaning for a long time or have too much tartar build-up, you may need a deep dental cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential for preventing cavities and worsening gum disease. This procedure includes something called root brushing, which is the most complete removal of tartar. In addition, the descaling of it is much more meticulous than in basic dental cleaning.

It is even possible that, if you need it, you will receive an irrigation of antibiotic treatment to completely eliminate the bacterial plaque. Always taking into account your needs and your comfort, our team will perform a total cleaning of your teeth and gums that will be efficient and will leave you motivated with your oral health and your smile. To learn more, contact our office today!

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