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Houston, TX

At University Periodontal Associates, our front office staff will help you with scheduling appointments, complete any paperwork, work with your insurance company and answer any questions, including billing, that you may have. Dr. Dennison and Dr. Di Matteo have organized this team to make your office visit more comfortable.

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Patient Appointments

In order to be respectful of all of our patients, we are able to see you by appointment only. This helps us stay on schedule, which is very important to us.
Just as we make every effort to be on time for you, we ask the same courtesy from you for our office. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact us immediately.
We request a minimum of 48 hours notice in canceling an appointment to avoid any missed appointment fees.
Our office is aware of unexpected life events that come up including illnesses or emergencies, but we ask for your cooperation as much as possible in this regard, we are an operating business with employees to pay.
We offer a wide range of days and hours of operation in effort to schedule you at your convenience.

What Amenities are in Place for Patient Comfort

Insurance & Patient Co-Payments

Our staff is happy to assist you in learning how your dental
insurance can most benefit you. Before your appointment, we will determine your available coverage. In order for us to be prepared for your initial appointment, we ask that you submit two days prior to your appointment any information that will be helpful for us to assist you.
This includes:

By giving our staff at least two days to review this information, we will have your benefits and any other important information ready for the doctors.

If he finds that treatment services are needed, we will be ready to provide you with a detailed information sheet explaining the estimate of how much your insurance company is willing to pay for each procedure, and the portion that you will be expected to fulfill the say day of service.
We remind you that, as our patient, and the one receiving services, you are always responsible to us for any costs. The insurance company is responsible to you for reimbursement of any costs. We are happy to assist you in any way while processing a claim with your insurance, but the ultimate responsibility is between you, the patient, and our office.

What Amenities are in Place for Patient Comfort

Financial Policy

We recognize that dental health is very important for your overall health. We want to keep the costs reasonable for you. We have established the following financial policy for your benefit:

Appointments & Consultations

What if I would like a second opinion?

If a treatment plan has been discussed, and you would like a second opinion, we are happy to assist you with that. We want our patients to feel comfortable and happy with their recommended treatment plan. We will make every effort to provide all information that is available on the various types of treatments completed at University Periodontal Associates.

What if I am coming to you for a second opinion?

It is our policy that all patients whom have been referred to our office from another practice, or are coming for a second opinion, are required to have a complete examination by Dr. Dennison or Dr. Di Matteo, before his diagnosis opinion is discussed. We will review all x-rays and chart notes from your previous dentist prior to the scheduled appointment.

How to Develop a Treatment Plan

If you have questions about insurance, payments, or the consultation services we provide, please email us today or call our Houston, TX office at 713-523-9040.