Houston, TX

Community Activities

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

At University Periodontal Associates, we believe in getting involved in our community to help to build strong relations with our clients and those that they hold dear.
Houston is the place that we call home, and ensuring a strong sense of community is paramount to us. We come from all walks of life and can be found enjoying local sporting events as well as art and charity causes.

Dental Education & Background

United Way Dental Clinic

By working with an organization like the United Way of
Greater Houston, we do our part to give back to those
who need help the most. By providing support to families
that are going through tough issues like job loss, natural disasters, and domestic violence we hope to prevent bad problems from turning worse to people who just need help getting their life back on track.
It can be very difficult, even impossible to afford quality dental service when things get tough, which is the reason United Way exists – to give help to those who can’t afford it, preventing costly issues from ballooning. Dr. Dennison provides kind, caring, periodontal treatment to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Seattle Study Club

In an effort to maintain a continuous cycle of professional betterment and education, we have joined with the Seattle Study Club. Not only have we joined with them, our own Dr. Dennison actually founded the University Dental Study Club of Houston, which is a branch of the Seattle Study Club.
The Seattle Study Club is where dental professionals go to seek peer review, professional critiques, advice, and offer their own uniquely learned perspectives on to the dental community in their area. It has been recognized as the most innovative, educationally focused dental group in the world.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our community activities.