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Can Full Dentures Get Adjusted To Fit Your Gums Better?

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentWe can make adjustments or perform a reline on dentures so they will fit better. When a problem with fit happens, it often has to do with bone resorption, which causes the gums to shrink. Because you want to make the most of your dentures, it pays to have them checked regularly and have them adjusted.

When You Should Have Your Dentures Adjusted

Any pressure sores or gum irritation are big clues that you are having trouble with your dentures’ fit and that an adjustment should be made. One of the main goals of wearing dentures is to restore normal chewing and eating. While you may have a small problem with chewing when you get dentures, it should not be difficult to bite or chew later. If you find this to be the case for you, you need to have an adjustment made.

What Is Your Level Of Comfort?

While wearing dentures does not feel as comfortable as having all your natural teeth, artificial teeth should never be a cause for undue discomfort. Any problems with jaw soreness, speaking, or uneven pressure need to be examined immediately. Pain, when you bite down, may also indicate bone loss. In addition, any changes in your jawline or your facial shape indicate your dentures should be refitted. Well-fitted top dentures should suction easily to the gums while bottom dentures should float over the gums but remain intact. If you have any problems with your denture’s fit, call us so we can make the required adjustments.

Never try to adjust the fit yourself by bending your dentures. Doing so can crack or damage them. Always give us a call so we can reline your dentures so they fit better and give you fewer problems with soreness or eating. If you would like to get your dentures relined, contact us today for an appointment and consultation.

Missing bone tissue should not hinder you from receiving dental implants. Visit our dental office so that we evaluate you for these restorations. If we discover that your bone is insufficient, we may have to perform the bone grafting procedure. Schedule your appointment today.

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