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Can Oil Pulling Help With Gum Inflammation?

Gum inflammation can mean many things. It might not be a big deal, or it might signal something More serious is happening to your teeth and gums. Because of the possible problems associated with gum inflammation, it is not something to ignore. It is also worth learning some ways to reduce the gum inflammation. Oil pulling is something that many are turning to help with problems such as gum inflammation.

The Causes Of Gum Inflammation

There are different causes for gum inflammation. Stress, diet and tobacco use can lead to inflamed gums. If you are suffering from some other illness, it could cause inflammation in different parts of the body including the gums. When the cause of gum inflammation is due to these types of reasons, it is often temporary. It is possible the inflammation will subside on its own.

The most common cause of gum inflammation is gum disease and bacteria on the gums and teeth. If this is the cause, the inflammation can continue until there is some type of treatment.

Turning Of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a practice that has been around for a long time. It involves filling up the mouth with oil and swirling the oil around the teeth and gums for a minute or so before spitting the oil out. Gum disease is a result of plaque building up on the teeth and gums. One of the benefits of oil pulling is reducing the plaque that leads to gingivitis and gum disease.

The oil used during oil pulling helps clean the teeth and gums by acting as an emollient. It can prevent the buildup of plaque and can help reduce the gum inflammation. While oil pulling can help reduce gum inflammation, it is not always enough to treat gum disease that causes inflammation. It does help, but it does not replace what a dental professional can do.

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