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Common Periodontal Solutions For Insufficient Bone Mass

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentLosing your tooth means more than getting it extracted. You start to lose bone mass almost immediately after whenever we perform a dental extraction performed. Other reasons for loss of bone mass may include damage from accidents, defects in development, or gum disease. Bone loss makes it more difficult to perform procedures to repair crooked teeth or to install dental implants.

A strong surrounding structure for the new implant is essential to sustain its shape and make the procedure work successfully. If not, there are specific periodontal fixes available to ensure your jawbone is strong enough for the following dental procedures -whether they be cosmetic or orthodontic procedures for your teeth.

What Are The Common Periodontal Solutions For Insufficient Bone Mass?

There are several procedures used to strengthen a jawbone that suffers from bone loss. A dental implant is a good option for those with minimal bone loss, as having an implant decreases the further risk of losing more bone density. The pressure provided by the implant mimics the pressure once provided by the missing tooth.

Significant bone loss often involves regenerative bone or gum grafting. We then place a new bone fragment, usually obtained from other parts of your body, into your jawbone in this procedure. We may even recommend using synthetic bone or even a donated bone in place of your bone, too.

This technique encourages bone regrowth in your jawline. When the bone graft has healed completely, the jawbone is strong enough to hold and support dental implants.

An uneven gum ridge caused by bone loss is typical, too. For this condition, ridge augmentation restores your gums to the proper height and width. Ridge augmentation restores not only lost bone but also improves overall gum health and appearance.

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