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Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional X-rays

Houston, TX

At University Periodontal Associates, our team, including Dr. Dennison, are always trying to find new ways to keep your smile healthy and looking great, which is why we adopted the digital X-ray machine. X-rays have come a long way over the past few decade and are now more powerful than ever.

The old, traditional X-ray machines required time to develop, and there was no guarantee that they would turn out properly. Now, with digital X-rays, we can see so much more of your mouth. This process is more quick and effective, and it saves you time in the dental chair.

Traditional vs. Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-Rays

If we look back a few decades at the traditional X-ray machine, we will be able to appreciate these new digital machines much more thoroughly. The traditional X-ray machine required X-ray film, in much the same way that an old camera required film. Any imaging system that relies on film also relies on the development of film, which can take a decent amount of time. Because there was no way to preview a photograph or X-ray taken on a machine that used film, you had to wait until the film was developed to tell if it turned out properly. This would often result in pictures or radiographs (X-rays) that had to be redone.

Digital X-Rays

We like to take X-rays of our patients at least once per year as part of their examination or to prepare for a procedure. We usually begin the appointment by taking an X-ray. We will place a lead vest over you and line up the machine to take an X-ray of your mouth. We will take X-rays from a few different angles to make sure that we don’t miss anything.

What are Digital X-rays Used for?

We use them to see places where the enamel on your teeth may be wearing thin due to cavity-causing bacteria. We can also use X-rays to keep track of things that may be changing in your mouth. If you have wisdom teeth that haven’t been removed and are in danger of being impacted. We have found that it is very beneficial to be able to share our patients x-rays with them in a digital format. Because the images that we take of your mouth are high resolution and digital, we can zoom into particular areas of the mouth to show you exactly what is going on in your mouth at the moment.

How Long do Digital X-rays Take?

The digital X-rays that we take are immediately viewable, and we can even share them with you as soon as we take them.

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