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Do Soy Products Keep Your Gums Healthier?

class=”TParticle”>Soy products are becoming more popular. From soy milk to hummus to vegetarian hamburgers, there are plenty of ways to put soy into your diet. The question many ask is why should you do it? What are the benefits of soy? Some ask if soy can improve your oral health. It is possible to answer this question.

The Answer Is…
Yes, soy can help keep your gums healthier. It is something that can help not only your oral health, but it can impact your overall health. The key to making your gums healthy is to follow a diet that gives the teeth and gums what they need. This includes protein, calcium, vitamins A, C, D and B vitamins, anti-oxidants and many other things. The best way to give these things to the teeth and gums is through diet and soy can play a role in providing some of them.

Soy is a protein that is low in saturated fat and has fibers, vitamins and mineral for the body. These things can help improve the tooth structure and they also can boost the immune system. These are things that will improve the overall health of the gums.

Practice Moderation
While there are many ways that soy can help improve gum health, that does not mean it is the only thing that is in a healthy diet. A healthy diet for gum health is about a balance. Instead of going overboard, use soy in moderation. Make it a regular part of your diet without over doing it. It does have many ingredients your gums will love, but it does not have everything you need. That means you need to include other foods in your diet.

There are many things that you can do to help improve your gum health and your overall health. To learn more about how soy and other foods impact the health of your gums, contact our offices and talk to one of our dental professionals.

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