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Does Oil Pulling Have Any Side Effects?

Oil pulling has many great benefits. The process involves using specific oil to pull the toxins and bacteria from your teeth and gums. You can use a wide variety of different oils for oiling pulling, however, coconut, sunflower and sesame seed oil are the most popular.

The process involves taking a small mouthful of oil and swishing it around inside your mouth, pushing and pulling it between your teeth, for about 20 minutes or so. However, oil pulling has a couple of side effects that are not long lasting and not dangerous to your health in any way.

Side Effects Of Oil Pulling

There are only a couple side effects that come with oil pulling and depending on what you are okay with, oil pulling might be the way to go to help improve your oral health. Having tooth sensitivity is something that is common when it comes to oil pulling.

It does go away within a short period of time though, so it is not something to worry about. It can also make a person feel slightly nauseated since it is a long time to have oil being swished in the mouth. This will pass once the oil is spit out.

Some of the other less common side effects include feeling hungover or having a headache, coughing up mucous and having a dry mouth. They are not serious and a lot of times these are not very common. It depends on the person and their unique experience. However, oil pulling can make your teeth look cleaner and feel healthier when you do it.

If you want to learn more about oil pulling, we will be more than happy to help you out. More often than not, we can help you achieve similar results without having to resort to oil pulling, however, for those who wish to try this practice, we are here to help.

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