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How Gum Reshaping Increases The Health Of Your Mouth

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentGum reshaping is often only seen as a cosmetic option. However, there are times where it can also increase the overall health of your mouth. Gums can become misshapen for a few different reasons.

From genetics to gum disease, there are quite a few reasons your gums may be a bit uneven. When this is the case, one of the easiest options to correct the problem is gum reshaping. Here are the benefits of having your gums reshaped so that you can look better and feel healthier.

What Gum Reshaping Does To Improve The Health Of Your Mouth

When your gums are slightly misshapen due to gum disease, treating the gum disease doesn’t typically give you any of the gum tissue back. It can leave your gums jagged, which can expose parts of your teeth, typically the root area. This can cause pockets of infection, or it can even bring back your gum disease. Reshaping the gums allows them to have a straighter edge along your tooth.

Plus, the gum then gets a firmer attachment to the teeth because of the process. Once the reshaping is complete, the teeth then have the bond required to keep the gums from allowing debris down between the gums and the teeth, which could kick-start tooth decay, and possibly even lead to tooth loss.

By taking the steps to have your gums reshaped, you are able to have a healthier mouth, and less likely to lose your teeth. Even as an aftereffect of treated gum disease, you never want to take this risk. For more information on the benefits of gum reshaping, give our offices a call. We can sit down with you and help figure out how your mouth could benefit from this simple procedure.

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