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How Poor Gum Health Impacts Your Quality Of Life

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentA lot of people undermine the connection between poor dental health and the negative impact it has on their overall wellbeing. Not only does it impact a person’s over health, but a poor oral health leads to a poor quality of life.

This is true especially with adults suffering from a gum disease which can have a tremendous impact on their overall personal and social life.

Poor Oral Health Increases Your Chances Of Getting Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that does not have any cure. However, it can be averted with regular dental checkups and a healthy habit of maintaining a good dental health. Regular visits to your dentist can catch the disease in its early stages and can alleviate the possibilities of spreading the cancer.

Poor oral health does not just increase your risks of developing the dreaded disease, but also inculcates several other chronic dental diseases. Halitosis, gingivitis, tooth decay, periodontitis are all common dental problems experienced by people with poor dental care.

Leads To A More Serious Health Consequence

Bacterial inflammation of the gums can travel to other body parts causing a bigger problem. If mouth bacteria enters the bloodstream, it can travel to your arteries causing cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis. This life-threatening disease is caused by plaque which hardens on the arteries limiting blood flow. Poor oral health can also cause complications with the respiratory system causing infections.

Pneumonia, a common infection of the lungs, can occur because of bacteria reaching the linings of your lungs for a period of time. Dental inflammations can also cause diabetic complications as the body finds it harder to manage blood sugar production. It can make your existing condition worse.

Not only does poor gum health affect your general health, it also affects your confidence. Poor oral care leads to bad breath, loss of teeth or unsightly tooth stains. If you want to get a healthier set of whites, call us and we can advise you on how to care for them.

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