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How Root Exposure Feels, And Why You Want It Treated

Teeth sensitive is a sign of rot exposure. If you wince when sipping on something hot or cold, then you have a problem in your dental setting that needs attention immediately.

Teeth have two main elements, namely the enamel and the root. Teeth sensitivity is caused by cracks in the enamel, over brushing which could erode the outer coat, and other causes.

How Exposure Feels

A tooth’s roots are located in the tooth socket that is surrounded by the jaw bones. Gum tissue covers it. Before you get to the root, you have a thin layer called cementum and the pulp is in the middle. When these two layers are compromised, then the root is exposed and left vulnerable. That is how sensitivity starts.

You will experience bouts of pain when you eat or drink something too hot or too cold. The sensitivity may dart from one spot of the mouth to another, and it will usually last less than a minute. While it may not be too pronounced, it will make it hard for you to enjoy some things such as ice-cream that are too cold.

How To Treat Root Exposure

Your dentist may suggest toothpaste to desensitize your teeth, and it will contain compounds that will travel from the nerve to the crown of the tooth.

You may need several applications before the toothpaste works, but persistence will win in the end. If the toothpaste does not work, you may need to go in for a procedure that could include fluoride gel to cover the affected area. Recommendations will depend on the state of your teeth.

Other home remedies that may work include using a soft brush and avoiding over brushing that most of us are guilty of. Avoid abrasive toothpaste and seek the attention of an expert for more direction.

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