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Main Reason To Look Into Gum Grafts

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentThe gum may tend to draw back from the teeth sometimes, leading to the exposure of tooth roots. A lot of people may describe this condition as “tooth getting long”. The root exposure is risky as it may have a long-term harmful effect on the teeth. This condition may be due to progressive periodontal disease or over-brushing. That is why it is good to get treatment for gum disease during its early stages when it can be easily reversed. But if you let the disease develop for too long, you may have no option but to do a gum graft.

A gum graft is a procedure often done to restore the patient’s smile. There are several reasons why you may need a gum graft.

Root Protection

We may recommend a gum graft to a patient whose roots are excessively exposed. This exposure may cause the mouth to be unattractive, thus low self-confidence in the patient. Besides that, the condition may cause oral infections by bacteria that are risky and may lead to loss of teeth.

Saves The Jawbone

We rarely think about it, but the jawbone is a very vital part of the mouth. In case of an oral infection, this part is exposed to a lot of danger. If your gum draws back from your teeth, you run a high risk of a bacterial infection in your jawbone that may lead to serious conditions.

Saves The Teeth

This procedure has a lot of benefits to the teeth, including keeping them safe. Our top notch periodontists have done this procedure severally on many patients. It is, therefore, a safe procedure that will give you your desired results, including a beautiful smile.

Do not be afraid of this procedure – it is safe and results to better oral health. If your teeth are “getting long”, give us a call and let us help you solve that problem with an effective gum graft.

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