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Onions Are Great For Increased Gum Health

When we think of onions, we don’t think they would ever be good for our teeth, but recent studies show that onions are really great for your teeth, but not so great for your breath.

In this article we will be discussing how chewing on raw onions can help you fight gum disease.

How Onions Can Help Your Teeth

There are sulfur compounds that are found in onions and that’s the reason for their taste and smell. The sulfur compounds also help protect the onion from bacteria and it helps the onion grow.

Some doctors even claim that just chewing on raw onions for 2-3 minutes can kill all the bacteria that’s in your mouth. Researchers also found out that raw onions kill up to 4 different kinds of bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

If you don’t like the idea of chewing on raw onions or eating them all the time, then try adding them on a sandwich, salad, or hotdogs. That will also do the trick.

But be mindful when eating a lot of onions because they will cause some really bad breath due to the sulfur compounds. This is why it’s always good to carry a dental travel bag, just in case.

Onions also have antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds that can help protect your body from diseases. If you chew on a raw onion it can strengthen your teeth and get rid of very harmful bacteria that’s lingering in your mouth.

There are some other benefits to eating raw onions as well it can fight off inflammation, detox your body, and it can help with osteoporosis.

It is always best to eat raw vegetables, it will help your body by giving it the nutrients that we need to have to stay healthy, and also those nutrients will help protect your teeth and gums.

If you happen to have any questions or concerns on more thing that you can eat to help your teeth, please give us a call or come visit us.

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