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The Increasing Cases Of Dental Neglect Go Beyond Your Wallet

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentIf you have to pay for a root canal, you might also suffer from a condition related to your dental infection. Neglecting your dental health goes beyond the money you pay for more expensive dental treatments. It also affects your overall lifestyle. If you have problems with your teeth and gums, you might also suffer from conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Your dental health is directly linked to other aspects of your health as well.

How Dental Neglect Can Have A Snowball Effect

Poor dental health can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, dementia, and respiratory problems. For example, if the gums become inflamed from periodontal disease, the bacteria from the disease can travel through the blood and lead to an arterial plaque build-up. This type of hardening is called atherosclerosis – a condition that can lead to a heart attack. It can also increase stroke risk. Endocarditis may also develop, which can be fatal. The infection affects the lining of the heart.

Other Impacts On Health

Like the heart, the brain can also be affected by a lack of dental care. The substances released in the bloodstream from the infected gums can lead to dementia or memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease may develop if the bacteria from gum disease gets into the nerve chambers or travels through the blood. Besides the above health problems, gum disease or a lack of dental care, can affect a person’s breathing. A person with poor oral health is more likely to suffer from respiratory infections, such as acute bronchitis, COPD, or pneumonia. Moreover, expectant mothers, who don’t floss and brush regularly, often experience more complications, such as premature births or low infant birth rates.

Whether you are young or old, it is imperative that you take good care of your gums and teeth. If you need to schedule a checkup and professional cleaning, call us today. Maybe you have another dental concern. If so, we can help you. Whatever your reason for contacting us, we will support you in your goal of realizing better dental health and better health overall.

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