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What Happens If Your Gums Recede And Your Roots Get Exposed?

class=”TParticle”>If you suffer from periodontal disease, one of the immediate results you will notice is that the gum tissue begins to recede from the teeth. This can be unsightly, to say the least, but mere aesthetics are not the biggest problem with receding gums.

If the condition progresses far enough, you will eventually notice that the roots of your teeth are beginning to be exposed. This can lead to a few problems.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Quite likely, the first thing you will notice is that your teeth are more sensitive to extreme temperature. Although you are probably used to enjoying extremely hot and cold foods and beverages with no ill effects, once your roots are exposed this will change. You will notice discomfort when you subject your teeth to extreme temperatures. In some cases, you may even notice this when you draw air over the teeth.

While this can be an inconvenience, it is not even the worst thing that can happen when your gum tissue begins to recede. To put it bluntly, receding gum tissue can directly contribute to the loss of your teeth.

Damage To Your Teeth

Remember the way a tooth is constructed. It has a number of different layers, the outermost of which is called enamel. The enamel of your tooth is very hard, and it serves to protect the tooth from damage and decay. While it is not indestructible, it can certainly help keep your teeth healthy when the conditions in your mouth are normal.

When the gum tissue pulls away, the root of the tooth is exposed. This part of the tooth does not have as much enamel, meaning that the tooth itself is more likely to be damaged or fall prey to decay.
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