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What To Know Before Getting A Gum Graft

What Does Bone Graft Have To Do With Dental Implants TreatmentA gum graft is a procedure done on patients with receding gums. The procedure involves removing tissues from a patient’s palate and grafting it onto the missing gum. In some cases, a technique that involves using a donor tissue is used. Therefore, are you considering getting a gum graft? If so, there are several things you need to know.

What You Should Know

Generally, patients don’t have much to do before undergoing surgery. However, before the surgery, our professional will walk you through the procedure. Besides, some information on the levels of your gum recession will also be taken before the surgery. Before you undergo surgery, you need to know that you will have a wound in your mouth for at least a week. Therefore, you need to stock up on soft foods you will consume until you get better. Besides, depending on the type of procedure, our professionals may fit a palatal stent that protects the donor side of your mouth when eating.

The most important thing is ensuring that you are addressing the root cause of gum recession in your mouth. Therefore, you should be very detailed when giving information before the surgery. For instance, if you are experiencing recession because of poor dental hygiene or improper brushing habits, it is important that you let us know before the procedure. This will also make you cautious when brushing after you have undergone the gum graft procedure.

Also, before undergoing a gum graft procedure, you need to know that there are different types of procedures. Depending on the kind of gum recession you are experiencing, specific types of gum graft procedures will be applied. For example, if you have extremely thin gums, we might use a donor tissue procedure instead. Visit our offices for more information on what you should know before getting a gum graft.

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