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What You Should Know About Pregnancy And Periodontal Care

The importance of proper oral hygiene practices cannot be stressed enough for expecting mothers to be. Proper brushing at least twice daily are imperative during pregnancy, as well as daily flossing, and the use of a daily antimicrobial mouth rinse.

In addition to that, expecting mother must in all circumstances continue to receive routine oral cleanings and further address any periodontal issues should they arise during the duration of the pregnancy.

Shocking Statistics
Here are some shocking statistics with regards to oral hygiene and pregnancy:

  • Mothers who suffer from gum disease at a 6 times increased risk of delivering low birth weight babies and even pre-term babies!
  • Mothers that consumed high amounts of sugar throughout pregnancy are said to give birth to children who are four times at risk for developing tooth decay!
  • If a mother went through her pregnancy with untreated tooth decay, the baby is then four times more likely to develop tooth decay!

Overall, the take away is that mothers who receive prenatal treatment for their periodontal disease have a significantly less chance of delivering pre-term, of having a baby with chronic oral health problems, as well as delivering a low-birth weight baby.

The Oral Health Of An Expecting Mother

Experts say that 40 percent of all expecting mothers will experience gingivitis to some degree during their pregnancy with the majority of cases happening after the seventh month of pregnancy.

Experts also say that studies have shown women who were on an oral contraceptive when they became pregnant are at an increased risk of developing gingivitis due to the elevated levels of progesterone and estrogen. These women have a 60 to 70 percent chance of developing gum disease.

If you are an expecting mother who believes you may be at increased risk of or perhaps already infected with gum disease, it is important that you contact us immediately.

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