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Why A Dental Bridge May Restore Your Oral Health If You Just Recovered From Gum Disease

Healing from gum disease can be an arduous process and, depending on the severity of your condition, may take time. For milder forms of this disease, known as “gingivitis”, recovery may be as simple as getting into a good oral hygiene habit and developing good brushing and flossing skills.

However, for those who suffered from the advanced stage of gum disease, known as “periodontitis”, treatment may have included extractions. For these cases, a dental bridge can help aid in returning your oral health to its pre-disease status.

How A Dental Bridge Can Help Save Your Mouth

While many of us are quite meticulous about the maintenance and upkeep of our teeth, occasionally our oral hygiene may fall to the wayside. When it becomes chronic, gum disease may start to set in. While reversing gingivitis is generally straightforward and requires proper brushing and flossing, periodontitis will need the intervention of a skilled dental professional.

The severity of the gum disease dictates the treatment; if the disease had progressed to the point that the tooth could not be saved, then an extraction (removal of the tooth) may be justified. We don’t take extractions lightly; removing a tooth can cause a cascading effect on surrounding teeth, compromising the patient’s oral health.

Dental bridges can help minimize any negative side effects that may occur after treatment for periodontitis.

  • Dental bridges can help prevent plaque buildup in the gaps left behind by extractions, preventing lasting damage to the remaining teeth.
  • After an extraction, teeth may shift or try to migrate into open spaces. Bridges help prevent that.
  • Bite force may become impaired, putting added stress on remaining teeth. A bridge can help distribute that bite force, preserving your teeth.
  • A dental bridge can also help with speech, allowing patients to be able to speak clearly after extraction surgery.

While having a bridge installed certainly has its cosmetic benefits – many people may feel ashamed after extraction surgery and may believe they are less attractive with gaps between their teeth – it primarily serves as medical device. Not only can it make a smile seem more complete, it helps prevent permanent damage to the remaining teeth and jaw.

Don’t let advanced gum disease hold you back any longer. Please give our office a call today to schedule a complete dental exam with a cleaning and evaluation of your gum health!

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