Houston, TX

Why Choose a Periodontist?

Houston, TX

A periodontist is a dental specialist who has advanced training in crown lengthening, gum grafting, bone grafting, dental implants, gingivectomy, and osseous surgery. Periodontists ensure that they perform these procedures while causing significantly less damage to your gum tissue and protecting your teeth. They try their best not to perform a tooth extraction unless it is necessary. But then they have good dental implant options. So, if you are looking for a permanent solution to get back your oral health from any of the problems mentioned above, University Periodontal Associates is at your service.

When to Visit a Periodontist?

Some commonplace circumstances need the special training of a periodontist. One of these circumstances is bleeding and swollen gums. If you feel that your gums are more sensitive than they should be like bleeding when you brush or floss and they might be swollen, you need to see our periodontist. All of these are the signs of infected gums.

Gum diseases have two stages. The initial stage is gingivitis, which is reversible and can be cured with a proper oral hygiene routine, but when it becomes severe, it immediately needs the attention of a periodontist. Otherwise, it can damage your bone and tissue. Other symptoms include a receding gum line. It is common for the gum line to recede with age, but if you see that, your gums become swollen more often, and it feels quite uncomfortable, then you should wait no more

Moreover, if you have a missing tooth, our periodontist will provide you with a dental implant solution. They will clean and treat that area before placing a dental implant so that the implant, which is a titanium rod, aligns with the bone over time. Suppose the dental implant is placed before the gum infection is treated completely. In that case, the implant will loosen up and fall out — other than that, patients with medical conditions such as diabetes or who consume tobacco of any kind will also need to make special considerations. You can also visit our periodontist when you simply want to enhance the appearance of your smile.

First Visit To A Periodontist?

Most people have concerns about their first visit to a periodontist. So, here is the answer to all of your concerns regarding your first visit. On your first visit, the periodontist will examine your mouth to recommend the best treatment options. The periodontist will ask about your medical history before suggesting any treatment option. The medical or dental history will provide information, for instance, patients with low immunity tend to have a minimal healing capacity. Apart from that, some medical conditions are related to your mouth directly. In case you are on some medications that can sabotage your treatment, it should be in the periodontist’s knowledge. If you consume any tobacco or smoke, then you will be asked to quit it immediately as it has a worsening effect on the gums that have already been infected. The periodontist will examine your mouth and throat along with gums and teeth and even your head and neck. To get a better picture of your mouth, the periodontist will take x-rays of it. If you seek further information on the periodontal process or want to book a consultation, please call University Periodontal Associates at (832) 975-0990 today.