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Why Is Food Being Caught In My Teeth?

From time to time, we all have food being stuck in our teeth. Toffee, candy, corn on the cob, popcorn, and others are the kinds of foods that we love, however, we pay the price with extra flossing. Sometimes, though, you may notice that food is being stuck in your teeth a lot more often than previously. If you find that you are frequently reaching for a toothpick whenever you finish your meal or snack in a restaurant or you have the feeling that you should brush after having each meal, then your mouth might be telling you something.

The Lining Of The Gums

When you take a look at your gums and teeth in the mirror, you should have the gums lining the top of the teeth and dropping in between every tooth. The dropped gum is referred to as the papilla. If you notice any spaces in the area where the papilla is supposed to be or it is missing, then there is a problem. You might notice what is referred to as a black triangle. This is an empty space forming where the gums are meant to be.

Cause For Black Triangle

Gum recession may be causing the empty space you see between each tooth where the gums should drop. Gums recede when they pull away from the teeth. When this happens, they expose the tooth’s roots causing an array of problems like sensitivity, loose teeth, bleeding gums, bad breath, and pain within the gum line. Gum recession arises due to aggressive brushing, gum disease, plaque buildup, and smoking. Sometimes, it can be hereditary. Often, gum recession remains unnoticed until you have the symptoms become painful. However, having food stuck within the teeth can be an indicator of the onset of gum recession.
As the leading cause of tooth loss, you need to get gum recession treated as early as possible. Your gums are what hold the teeth firmly in place and protect the tooth’s root. Once gums recede, they are unable to grow back. If you have problems with your gums, contact our team. Make a reservation to have your mouth examined.