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Are There Dangers Associated With Using Synthetic Grafting Materials?

There was a time when to do an oral bone graft you had to use either bone harvested from your own body or bone donated from an outside source.

Modern technology is always working on new techniques and there are now synthetic grafts. The question to ask is do the synthetic grafts work as well as real tissue grants. What are the pros and cons of synthetic graft materials.

Synthetic Material Benefits
Using synthetic material offers several benefits.

  • There is no risk of transferring any diseases
  • It is easy to get the right amount of material
  • There is no surgery to remove any bone
  • Less risk of rejection than when getting real bone from a source other than the person receiving the graft.

The benefits make synthetic material a good choice at times, but it does not come without some problems.

Cons Of Synthetic Materials
The synthetic material is not a real bone. It will degrade over time. It can lose some of its strength during the graft procedure and cause problems later on. There is also the question of the availability of the synthetic materials. The synthetic material come in resorbable and nonresorbable form. The most common material used is bioceramics. Bioactive glasses and calcium phosphates are some of the materials used for the synthetic bone grafts.

Making the synthetic material suitable for use in the grafts is not easy. The end product has to be sterile for use. The care taken with the materials plays a role in the success of the graft procedure. If there are any problems with the graft, it can lead to failure of the procedure.

How do you decide whether to use synthetic graft or natural graft natural graft procedure? That is something to discuss with a dental professional. They can talk about the reasons why one is the right option for you over the other one. Both types of materials can work, so it is important to look at the other factors to determine whether the synthetic material makes more sense.

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