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What Happens To Your Gums When You Chew Tobacco?

Many feel that cigarettes and other tobacco products that have smoke are the ones that do all of the damage to the teeth, gums and mouth overall. Cancer and other problems are known to happen to those that use these smoke tobacco products.

However, little thought is given to those that use smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco. There are just as many oral effects that happen with this type of tobacco as there are with the other type.

Negative Effects Of Chewing Tobacco

Even though there is no smoke in the tobacco, it is still a component that can cause a lot of damage in the mouth. Not only does this dry the mouth out and cause cracked lips and teeth, but it can also bring about cancer and other health conditions because of the components within the tobacco product.

It can cause damage to the gums and reduce the circulation that is needed to keep gums and teeth healthy and intact. When this happens, receding gums are more likely to happen, causing the teeth to fall out easily.

Heart attacks are also common in those that use chewing tobacco because of the poor circulation in the body, as well as a great many other health risks. Due to this, it is recommended that those using any type of tobacco products consider quitting for their health and well-being.

Speak with our office for a consultation and to find out how we are able to provide the help you need to have better, healthier teeth and gums. Of course, we can also provide you with further information on how you can quit using tobacco products for your overall health and wellness. This is worth it if you want to keep a bright smile and better health without the tobacco products.

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