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When Do You Need A Periodontist?

Do you have tender, swollen, or bleeding gums? If yes, then it’s time you visit the periodontist in Houston. Often people don’t get treatment for gum disease as the signs aren’t visible until the disease advances. Therefore, if you see any of the signs mentioned in the blog, it’s about time you visit the periodontist.

6 Signs You Should Visit A Periodontist 

  • Bleeding Gums

One of the major signs of periodontal disease is bleeding gums. Bleeding when flossing or brushing can be a sign of the initial stage of gingivitis. Of course, it can also be that your brushed your teeth too hard but if your gums bleed for a long time or while you eat, it may be a sign of advanced periodontitis. You should consult with a periodontist as soon as possible before the disease progresses causing irreversible damage to your gums.

  • Red, Swollen, Tender Gums

If you have gingivitis it can cause inflamed gums. If ignored, the inflamed gums can create pockets between your gums and teeth. This can even increase your risk of tooth loss and lead to swelling. Therefore, these signs cannot be ignored. If your gums are redder and tender, it may be due to inflammation, as healthy gums are usually pink and firm. So, if you have swollen, red, bleeding, or tender gums, you need to visit a periodontist. Doing so will help you save your teeth and gums & ensure you get a smile that is beautiful and long-lasting.

  • Constant Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common phenomenon and many people suffer from this. Bad breath can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as eating garlic, poor oral health, or food stuck between your teeth. However, bad breath is not always due to your diet, it can be a warning sign of a deeper-rooted dental issue. If you have chronic bad breath that doesn’t stop even with good oral hygiene, it is a sign of a periodontal infection.

  • Sensitive Teeth

Gum disease can increase tooth sensitivity as it can cause a receding gum line and expose your roots. Therefore, your teeth will be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. If you are experiencing constant sensitivity make sure you visit the periodontist to treat or halt the progression of whatever’s negatively impacting your teeth and gums.

  • Loose Teeth

Once adult teeth erupt, you will have permanent teeth that should last forever. If you have gum disease that is left untreated, it can cause deep pockets around your teeth and lead to loose teeth. It will also cause a shift in your bite. If you face the following dental issues, you need to visit the periodontist immediately.

  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • Misaligned bite.
  • New spaces or gaps between your teeth.

Loose teeth are also a warning sign of bone loss, therefore you need to visit the periodontist before it’s too late.

  • Receding Gums 

Receding gums is when your teeth look longer as the gums have pulled back from your tooth. It is a symptom of advanced periodontal disease and can negatively affect your oral health. If left untreated, it can expose your tooth roots leaving your teeth open to bacteria and also leading to tooth loss.

Get Healthy Gums With The Help Of A Periodontist

Gum disease can cause irreversible damage to your gums and oral health; therefore it requires the best-customized treatment based on your condition. If you have receded, swollen, inflamed, tender gums, or any of the above-mentioned signs, you should consult the best Periodontist in Houston. Visiting the periodontist regularly will ensure you achieve healthy teeth and gums that will last for a long time.